Mysql select row from Comma separated value

Some Time We Have a table column which store its value as comma separated

For example Two Tables [Post] and [Categories]


Post_id Title Category_id
1 A 1,2
2 B 11,2
3 C 11,3


Category_id Category_name
1 A1
2 A2
3 A3
……………….. ……………………
11 A11

So if we want to find exact row of category from post table with category_id=11;

[ Workable Query ]

Then We have to Write Following Query:

=> Select * from Post Where FIND_IN_SET(11,Category_id);

So,why should We do this for?

[  Non Workable Query ]

Step 1

We Can find it with the query:

=> Select *from Post Where Category_id=11;

Not Work Because There is comma separate and not exact only the numbers there.

Step 2

=> Select *from Post Where Category_id Like ‘%11%’;

it Also Bring The The row That Contain 1 as value

Step 3

=> Select  *from Post Where Category_id REGEXP ‘[11]’;

Same Result Come  of Step 3


So the function is FIND_IN_SET(Value,Column);



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